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Do you want to grow your photography style or business further?


Running a successful and profitable photography business requires a vast amount of knowledge, experience and confidence. My one-to-one photography coaching session is completely customized to your specific needs and professional interests. It is a step-by-step hands-on in which I will guide you through everything you want to learn starting from lightning, styling, editing to business, marketing, pricing and portfolio review.


My individual coaching sessions are designed for both established and aspiring photographers. They are scheduled at your convenience and can be done online only.


Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Advertising and PR (Specialization: Marketing) 2016

Professional experience 

It’s been over 10 years that I’ve been in this industry and I have a strong understanding of the photography market. Through years of educating myself, with each and every year I grow better as an artist and a business person. Besides, for many years I ran workshops, therefore the content of your learning experience to be exactly what you’re looking for which is why I am exclusively offering 1-on-1 mentoring for photographers. 

My focus is to get your photography skills and vision to ramp up as quickly as possible while maintaining a solid baseline for your continued learning, but also to give you necessary tools for you to troubleshoot your future photography challenges. 

Additionally, I am skilled at internet marketing and social media, having 6 years of experience managing and promoting social media accounts. Promoted more than 100 photographers around the world and managed their reputation on Instagram, it’s important to have a clear plan from which to build a brand that will be incorporated into all marketing, advertising, and visual representation of the business. To draw on my expertise and experience, I assure you marketing strategy capabilities that are key to company growth. My mentoring will set the foundation for your brand and business so you are continuously attracting the ideal clients for YOU.

private coaching includes the following topics:



At these online classes, I'll share my retouching techniques and color correction via Skype/Team Viewer. This topic includes 2 online classes.


The first class - Skype coaching (I edit):

  • The whole editing process

My editing demonstration, retouching and color correction techniques that I use.

PRICE: 70$ / 65 EUR


The second class - Team Viewer coaching (you edit):

Team Viewer coaching is the first class' continuation. The first class is devoted to a demonstration of the whole editing process and as for the second class you'll edit one of your portraits on your own using my editing techniques. Then I'll be following you during your editing process, comment upon it and, correct your mistakes. At the end of the class I'll answer your questions. As a result, you'll completely solidify your photoshop knowledge.


  • My assistance for you via Team Viewer.

The main aim is to correct your actions while you edit your photos using my techniques.

  • Watching your photos. Useful tips for improving your photography level.


Process description

Via Team Viewer I connect to your screen and see everything you do in Adobe Photoshop, and then correct your actions. We'll work in your Photoshop together. I edit my portraits in adobe photoshop.


Team Viewer description

it's a program and it's absolutely free. You need to install it. Download it on the official website: 

Skype is also needed for online class.


NB! A high-speed Internet connection is strictly demanded. 


Read more about editing class here

PRICE: 70$ / 65 EUR






  • Target advertising on Instagram and Facebook for clients attraction (2-3 private classes).

Your social media and website promotion on your own.


  • Your social media analysis (1 private class):

  1. Working out social media strategy on Instagram.

  2. Types of content in social media.

  3. How to differentiate from competitors and communicate with the audience.

  4. What apps you need to catch audience attention for IG Stories.

  5. Statistics services for Instagram. Post planning. Peculiarities of audience perception on Instagram

  6. Instagram's algorithms

  7. instruction of growness reach 

PRICE: 70$ / 65 EUR




  1. Peculiarities of creating portfolio

  2. Equipment 

  3. Mechanism of finding models for the shoot. The necessity of holding TFP-shooting and advantages for your business development.

  4. Social media for photographers. Where can you find the first clients?

  5. Price of photography services.

  6. Сompetitor analysis. SWOT analysis.

  7. Transformation the hobby to business. Ways of its monetization.

  8. Creating own website without programmer's skills. Review of useful and simple instruments.



PRICE: 70$ / 65 EUR


Please, specify the information about vacant dates.



a private online class lasts 1,5 hours.


Please specify:

1) Your home city, country to get a time difference.

2) Date 

3) Payment method (by means of what source)


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