Individual portrait studio workshop

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If you’ve been curious about getting to know more about studio lighting, but it all seems too daunting or technical, then this workshop is for you. Advancing in photography takes practice, guidance and outside feedback. This is exactly what I offer in my workshops. A 100% custom made, one-to-one portrait studio workshop experience tailored exclusively to your needs. Check in and you’ll be amazed by your own images. 

Through the course of the day, we’ll explore different lighting scenarios, and I’ll answer all questions. Workshop is suitable for photographers of all skill levels. 



Topics that I’m ready to cover


 - Different types of modifiers and their advantages and disadvantages such as umbrellas,
soft boxes, octoboxes, stripboxes, grids, reflectors, flags, beauty dish, etc.
- How to work with hard light and how to work with soft light.
- Understanding the light.
- One light vs multi lighting.
- Camera settings: 
the relationship of aperture/shutter speed / ISO, and how to manually adjust those settings.
- Interactionwithmodel.
- Posing and angles.
- Optimization of your workflow.



Workshop details


Necessary equipment: a camera with option to synchronize studio flash (hot shoe)
Language: English/Russian

Booking your place requires an advanced payment of €250 and the balance of €250 paid by cash on the day of the workshop.

Price:  €500 for the day (3 hours) + extra expenses

Bring a friend + €150
+ 1 hour €100 

Extra expenses includes: studio and equipments, model


A non-refundable retainer for each participant of €250 is required to secure the date.
All extra expenses are non-refundable.


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