Editing videotutorial

Editing video tutorial

Editing video tutorial

At this tutorial I share my editing techniques: color correction, retouching, dodge&burn, eyes correction

Light scenario with my comments included!

Duration: 49 min

Language: English

Price: 25 euro / 29$ (Discount 50%! Old price 50 euro)

Payment via Paypal: paypal.me/mihailbazarov

You can also use email for payment: director@mbazarov.ru

In case paypal is not available in your country contact me, please. I will send you requsites for payment through Western Union or Unistream

How to get a lesson:

1) Pay for the lesson via paypal or contact me for Western Union/Unistream payment

2) Sign in at website by link https://www.mbazarov.ru/personal-account

3) You will get unlimited access for the tutorial within 24 hours. it will be available in your personal account. You will get video tutorial + RAW file for training, Feel free to ask me on instagram https://www.instagram.com/bazarov_workshop/ or email director@mbazarov.ru

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